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Monday, August 13, 2012

Feel Like Your Job is Too Tough?

Ever had moments when you thought you should have multiple personalities to accomplish your job? Or multiple assistants? Or simply days when you thought your job was just too tough?
Consider the photo I am posting. Taken in Key West, FL at the traditional daily sunset celebration, this elderly gentleman was just recovering from a major operation, and attempted several times to perform his high wire and juggling act. After several failed attempts, he went on with the remainder of his show, which was still entertaining but did not involve the high wire. I had to admire his attempts at this difficult task.
It seems that walking a high wire and juggling at the same time would take an immense amount of concentration and focus. I suspect his problem was neither of those, but perhaps a loss of that important sense of balance required for the act.
Whatever his situation, I just thought it was a great photo that might cause one to reflect on the balancing and juggling act they perform everyday, and derive their own meaning from the image. As a Home Inspector in Hilton Head, SC, I know I have days when I think I can relate to what the gentleman on the high wire was feeling.

Please let me know what your mind conjured up when viewing this photo.

Best Wishes

John M. Wickline
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  1. Great photo and great thoughts. We do all have a lot to juggle in our lives, but it's also important to know what to put aside in order to replenish and renew ourselves.

    Betsey- San Diego Home Inspection